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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a W-9 Form?

If you or your business uses anyone for contract work, such as a freelance laborer or a sub-contractor, you will require them to fill in a W9 Form. This is done in order to have their taxpayer information on file, in case you will need to fill in a 1099 Form (to report payment of services from a non-employee). Therefore a W-9 Form should be requested from anyone who is doing contract work-for-hire for you or your business.

Is there, and what is the minimum amount to report?

Yes there is a minimum amount to report, and that minimum amount to report is $600.00. This means if you pay an amount from $0.01 up to $599.99 total within the calendar year, you will not need to report it. But, if you hit the $600 mark for payments (total within the calendar year), you will have to report it the following year. You will do this by completing and sending in a 1099 Form to the Internal Revenue Service.

The IRS W9 Form Made Simple:

For those that are independent contractors, as well as for those who work for themselves, a W9 Form is needed to report their Social Security Number or Business Tax Identification Number to their clientele. This is a pretty cut and dry scrap of paper when it comes to government forms. You may just need to provide your name, your address, as well as your Social Security Number (or your Employer Identification Number, for those who are contractors and are therefore considered... [read more]

"What is the IRS 1099 Tax Form?"

The IRS 1099 Tax Form is utilized in the US income tax system in order to prepare and file an information return (it is mostly referred to as an information return as opposed to a tax return) to report different kinds of income other than salaries, wages and tips (for those you would use a W-2 form). The payer will have to complete a 1099 Tax Form each covered transaction... [read read]

"What is the IRS 1096 Form?"

The IRS 1096 Form is a totals page. It is the form which combines all 1099 Tax Forms and provides the totals for them. This includes the 1099-MISC form submitted by an employer for independent contractor or other non-employee, as well as the 1099-DIV Form for dividends paid to... [read read]

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